Your Township Committee - 2015


Christopher Kuhn,  Republican   

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Christopher Kuhn, was elected to the Frelinghuysen Township Committee in November, 2012.

Christopher Kuhn, long time resident of Frelinghuysen Township, graduated from North Warren Regional High School in 2002 having served as the senior class president. He attended The College of New Jersey, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Continuing his education while working as an analyst, at Montclair State University, he earned his MBA in Finance and Management. Christopher is now employed as Finance Manager at a Fortune 500 company.

Christopher believes Frelinghuysen should remain the same happy, healthy, and prosperous community he grew up in. To achieve this, we will maintain a small government and low tax rates. As someone who has lived and worked on a farm, he will work for the continued success of the township’s farmland and open space preservation programs. In order to meet the requirements of the new families residing in town, he sees the further development of recreation facilities for the townships’ youth and senior citizens.

Christopher’s previous township experience includes: serving on the Farmland Preservation Board, Planning Board, and as Vice Chair of Environmental Commission.

In his free time, Christopher enjoys Fly Fishing with his brother in Utah, working on the family farm, and reading up on American history.

Christopher Stracco

Christopher Stracco, Republican

Committeeman Christopher Stracco served on the Frelinghuysen Township Zoning Board of Adjustment for about 10 years, holding the position of Chairman for the last five, before being elected to the Township Committee in 2012. Christopher has been an attorney for 24 years, has been Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney, and practices throughout the State in the areas of litigation, real estate, and municipal law. He serves on the New Jersey Supreme Court's Committee on the Tax Court. His firm's offices are in Parsippany.

Stracco has resided in Frelinghuysen since 1997. Stracco's wife, Carolyn, has lived in Frelinghuysen since she was a child, attended Frelinghuysen Elementary School and North Warren Regional High School, and is current President of the Frelinghuysen PTO. The Straccos have two children who attend Frelinghuysen's public schools, and participate in the Township's recreation program.

Christopher is a member of the Knights of Columbus, Council 12430, of St. Jude's Catholic Church in Blairstown, and is a member of that parish. He is also a trustee of the Tri-County Scholarship Fund, which provides private school scholarships to deserving elementary and high school age children. He has authored numerous articles and publications, mostly dealing with real property taxation in New Jersey.

Stracco believes that "being elected or appointed to a governmental position means that you have the public trust, which should not be abused, disregarded, or taken lightly." He believes in "cooperative government, where differing voices can come together for the overall public good." He hopes to bring his unique talents to the table to serve the people of the Township.

David C. Boynton, Republican     

David C. Boynton was elected to the Township Committee in 1998 and served as committee person and/or Deputy Mayor until 2007.  After a brief hiatus, he was re-elected in 2009.  He has volunteered on the Frelinghuysen Township Planning Board for 24 years, serving as a regular member, co-chairman, chairman, and as the Mayor’s designee.

He is a past member of the Municipal Alliance Committee, and has been a member of the Recreation Committee for 12 years.  David also spent 15 years as a recreation basketball coach, coaching both boys and girls, in grades 3-8.

David and his family reside on a farm in Frelinghuysen, raising chickens, pigs, sheep, and beef cattle as well as making hay on his farm and on adjoining farmland.  All pigs, sheep and some cattle are sold to a custom slaughter operation, while replacement feeder calves are sold to private breeders.

A painting and wallpaper contractor for 42 years, he operates throughout Warren, Sussex, Morris, Hunterdon and Essex County.  David has also been involved in the rehabilitation of multi-use and multiple dwellings mostly in the Montclair area.  Locally, David was involved in the conversion of the American House Hotel and adjoining annex into office space in historic Hope, New Jersey.

As a Committeeman, David would like to reduce the municipal budget with the goal of keeping our local taxes at a zero increase or less for 2011.  His other objective is to push for the development and completion of Rydell Park to satisfy the recreational needs of our residents.


Frank Desiderio, Jr.,  Republican             

Frank Desiderio, was re-elected to a second three-year position on the Frelinghuysen Township Committee in November, 2010.  Desiderio has lived in the township for more than 20 years and is a long-time volunteer at the local level.  In 2006, he was given an award for Outstanding Service by Frelinghuysen Township in recognition of his volunteer efforts.  A heavy equipment earth moving contractor, Desiderio currently serves on the Township Planning Board and acts as Township Road Supervisor.   He took a leadership role in developing the new ball fields and soccer fields adjacent to town hall.

The father of two children who currently attend North Warren Middle School, Desiderio and his wife, Karen, settled in Frelinghuysen Township because of the school system, open space and affordable taxes.  He chose to run for re-election to the Township Committee because he enjoyed serving the citizens of Frelinghuysen Township but he remains concerned about overdevelopment in the area.  “I see our open space disappearing, our schools becoming more crowded, and our roads no longer able to handle the increasing volume of traffic,” comments Desiderio.  “As Road Supervisor, I have worked with the Township Road Department to improve our roads and make them safe.  I have served on the Planning Board to help control development in the township.  I appreciate the opportunities that have been given to me by all of our residents.” 

Alan De Carolis, Republican           

Local businessman Alan DeCarolis was elected to the Township Committee in November, 2007.  De Carolis has a long history of service to Frelinghuysen Township, including eleven years as Animal Control Officer, thirteen years of volunteering on the Environmental Commission, and twenty years as a member of the Planning Board.  De Carolis has served as Vice Chairman of the Planning Board for much of that time.  In addition to Frelinghuysen, De Carolis currently serves as Animal Control Officer for Hardwick, Blairstown, Knowlton, Hope, Green, Stillwater and Hampton townships.  De Carolis owns a trucking business, “All American Carting, Inc.,” which provides dumpster services to commercial enterprises. 

A resident of the township since 1963, De Carolis was elected on a platform which encouraged the community to strive to preserve the type of community which existed in Frelinghuysen 40 years ago.  His “Keep it Simple” campaign advocated keeping a low profile, encouraging farmland preservation and the preservation of open space, but without the addition of increased taxes.

De Carolis currently resides on the 100+ acre farm where he was raised.  He raises a variety of animals, but has plans to create a horse farm in the future.

While serving on the Township Committee, De Carolis hopes to reflect the majority opinion of Frelinghuysen residents, even if he happens to disagree with them on a particular issue.  “I want to do the best I can for the general public.  I don’t have my own agenda but I’m going to voice my opinion.  Different opinions and different backgrounds make the board diverse.  I think that people in a position of power have to look at the overall picture and represent what the majority of the people want.” 

Brenda Kleber, Municipal Clerk
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Brenda J. Kleber began her career in Frelinghuysen Township in 1987 as the Secretary for the Board of Adjustment. A bookkeeper as a young adult, Brenda took time off from her career to raise her two children. Upon returning to the workforce, Brenda worked as the Office Manager for an insurance agency at Panther Valley in Allamuchy.

One year after she became the Secretary for the Board of Adjustment, she took on the responsibilities of the Deputy Municipal Clerk. At that time, Brenda began pursuing her certification towards the position of Municipal Clerk by completing the required courses and passing the State examination.

Following her certification in 1990, Brenda took on full responsibilities as the Municipal Clerk, and continues to serve in that position as well as Secretary for the Board of Adjustment. She also holds the position of Treasurer for the Recreation Committee.

Brenda and her husband Richard have lived in Frelinghuysen Township since 1973. With two children, six grandchildren, and a 40 hour week at work, Brenda doesn’t have much time for extracurricular activities. She does enjoy reading, working in her flower garden and canning apples and peaches from the fruit trees on their farm.