Township Committee

 L-R: Christopher Kuhn, Alan DeCarolis, Christopher Stracco, Frank Desidero Jr. and Dave Boynton

The Township of Frelinghuysen is governed by a committee of five persons, that are elected for three year terms on a rotating basis.

Each committeeperson is elected in the general election, which occurs in November.

The Township Committee reorganizes annually during the first week in January, at which time it shall elect a Mayor from among its members. The Mayor shall preside at meetings of the Township Committee and perform such other duties as the Township Committee may prescribe. In the absence or disability of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor shall act as Mayor.

At its monthly meetings, held the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the municipal building on Main Street, the committee will enact ordinances, resolutions, pay bills and handle the business of the township. The budget meetings are scheduled during January and February.

Township committee minutes are listed here. 

Township Committee work sessions are @ 3:00PM

2015 Township Committee meeting calendar

Frelinghuysen 2011 Budget

Frelinghuysen 2012 Budget

Frelinghuysen 2013 Budget

Frelinghuysen 2014 Budget

Organizational Structure
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Mayor: Christopher Kuhn
Phone: 973-919-2276
mayor "at"

Township Clerk: Brenda Kleber
Phone: 908-852-4121
Email: clerk "at"

Deputy Mayor:  Christopher Stracco
Email: clerk "at"

Committee Member: Frank Desidero, Jr.
Email: clerk "at"

Committee Member: David C. Boynton
Email: clerk "at"

Committee Member: Alan DeCarolis
Email: clerk "at"

Information for new or current residents

A guide for new or current residents to the Township of Frelinghuysen can be found here.

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